Saturday, August 11, 2012

July... and more?

 The Fair! we went with Valli & Isaac Simmons and had a blast! Braylee was such a trouper! sure she wanted to do every thing like the boys but shes just to little still! the boys got wrist bands (unlimited riding) i think Valli and I were done faster than the boys were ha! Jadens favorites were the "roller coster, dragons, race cars, and a jungle gym"it was EXTREMELY hot but we had alot of fun!

WARNER REUNION! these are the only pictures i took at the reunion i know we look amazing..... we stayed at a cabin down by Bryce canyon and Zion it was huge and gorgeous. These pictures are from a Razor ride we went on it was a lot of fun, but my hair didn't thank me at all when we were done! We drove threw Zion it was gorgeous! the kidos slept the whole time witch was fine but im sure Jaden would have loved the tunnels we drove threw! the warner reunion is always a blast full of games adventures and chatting! in the basement of the cabin they had a basketball hoop like at an arcade that Jaden played probably 4 times a day! It was great seeing every one!

Braylee and Sophie hanging out eating watermelon at Isaacs birthday party!

 Chase & Jaden competing in basketball at the fun park! like father like son!

Happy 4th of July! isn't this picture cute!!! we spent the 4th out and about during the day then met up with Chases parents at the stadium to watch the fireworks our kids had a blast and loved all the fireworks and the time they got to spend with their grandparents and aunt!

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