Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Can i just say i LOVE Pinterest! it has amazing ideas for projects and things for kids to do! Jaden LOVES these projects!
Well this post isn't working how i would like, the pictures aren't moving and i can't put what each one is above it so in order i will put up here:
bird> little reading/coloring book with dry erase markers.
Learning about police and firemen.
"File Folder Games" Sorting fruit and vegetables. 5 senses: choosing what pocket each sense goes in. and lots more i didn't take pictures of.
a coloring/reading binder with dry erase markers (no more waisting ink and paper!)
who's looking at me little book: learn about animals and shapes.
found some great patterns for these blocks Jaden has, he's really caught on to it! (didn't find these on Pinterest)


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Laurel said...

How fun Holly! I bet Jaden just loves it. You have such a cute family! <3