Saturday, August 11, 2012

WOW! time for an update?

Horse Rides!!!
Braylee & Jaden riding with Jeannie!!

 Jaden has loved horse rides for the past couple of years not that we ride them very often but we need to! he has a hard time sharing with others because he doesn't ever want to get off! i wish i would have taken a picture of what he looked like when we were done... he had played in the dirt and rocks half the time because there were quite a few people there for rides (Wednesday nights are the free neighborhood rides my Dad, Hope and the Greens do.) he is such a funny kid such a good attitude about everything, makes friends with everyone and is SO out going! This little gal is "in love" with horses! i thought she would be scared of them due to her little moments of being scared of dogs don't get me wrong she loves dogs as well but she goes threw these fazes of loving and hugging animals or crying at them. Anyways she loved the horse rides and wanted to pet every horse in the pen and ride what ones she could i'm so proud of her!

Dad & David made this fantastic train that hooks up the the lawn mower! a little redneck but thats fine:) they might want to upgrade to a 4-wheeler sometime! the kids really enjoy riding it every time we go to their house!

Braylee helping Grandma Wendy water flowers! she loves her Grandma and helping or anything to do with water!!

Just a few pictures of the kids hanging out! this one of Braylee is so great she doesn't like watching any sort of TV witch is great but this one morning i was watching the news and she found it quite interesting! the next two are of Alyssa and Jadens mad faces. they are some of the funniest kids! they have a love hate relationship but love and protect each other when they think they need to!

Today there was an open house for Gymnastics i have wanted to put Jaden in for a long time just never got to it so today was perfect! he absolutely LOVED it !!! he is now signed up and cant wait for it to start!!

One of my favorite pictures we took at the Simmons reunion (witch was a blast! i will post more pictures of it soon!) these four are so crazy when they get together! after they play Jaden doesn't stop asking if he can play again till the next time they get together! (If that makes any sense? )

                                                          Alyssa, Isaac, Jaden & Eli

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