Thursday, December 2, 2010

somthings cookin in the oven!!

Well for those who don't know yet but i'm pretty sure every one does! i'm pregnant!! i am 20 weeks along today and we found out its a ....... GIRL !! chase and i are very exited!! and jaden will be a great big brother! even though he doesn't understand at all what is going on haha! well i'm not really showing yet i have a little bump but it still just looks like some fat at the top of your pants haha! but no worries i'm sure i will start popping out here pretty soon since i am allready half way!


Little profile picture what a cute!
its a little thing i do when i find out what i'm having i have to go buy a little pair of shoes! jaden got brown and this little girly of corse got pink! the inside of them are like slippers i would totaly wear them around haha!

her little feet! she moves around like crazy so it was kind of hard to get really good pictures!

her spine

and her brain!
i know its kind of wierd but i can't deside on a name! i thought i had one picked out but now i'm not sure i like it as much as i did so if you have any girl name suggestions feel free to share!!!!!!


Ronnie & Chelise said...

yahh!!! congrats, I had no idea!!

Jake and Hope Kendall said...

Oh cutie! Congrats again sis!!! I love reading your blog, Jaden is such a sweety pie! Love ya!