Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What have we been up to....

Coloring and Carving more pumpkins! jaden really loves coloring so we just find new things to color!! i'll upload the finished pics soon!

Got rid of Jadens toddler bed seeing how every time he tryed to roll over and get comfy he would fall half way or all the way off! thanks to my parents for getting me this bunkbed growing up!(didn't think back then hey this would be a great bed when i'm married and have kids) he loves it and he thinks it is especially cool when its a fort!! it also has toy story sheets all over it which he LOVES!!! because Buzz is the coolest!!

Making our favorite fresh chip dip! jaden helped me cut up everything, open every can but didn't like when i mixed it all together he just wanted to eat the corn haha!

he is getting better at prayer time he found it really funny to start yelling when i got half way through a prayer. slowly but surly he is getting quieter and listening instead.

I was looking on line one day and found this fun idea for a daily scedual not only does it help him through the day but it helps me stay more focused i think on what we should do through out the day.

and last of all there is a stupid flu going around town i had it Sunday spent the whole day throwing up and not keeping hardly anything down, monday just worked on getting my energy back, today i feel great but now jaden has started throwing up tonight poor little guy! he is such a trooper still as happy as ever! when he first threw up we were out side and he was so embarased he covored his mouth and looked at me with some of the sadest eyes i have ever seen. it took a little time reasuring him it was okay. since then he has thrown up 3 more times and luckily for me he knows when its coming he will look at me and cover his mouth so we run to the sick bucket or toilet wich ever one is closer.
so as you can see in the picture we are camping out in the living room tonight sickbucket close by! wish us luck hopefully the night goes smoothly!

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melissa said...

i havent updated my blog friends list for so long and totally forgot about your blog.. so glad i remembered it yesterday. looks like everything is going great for you. jaden is getting so big, cant believe he's 2 already. we miss having fun neighbors...all i have here in brasil are people i cant communicate with. hope everything is going great!