Sunday, December 19, 2010

December up-to's!

Hello all! just a little update on our life's for the past couple weeks! Chase is doing great, keeping really busy so i only talk to him oh ever few days or every 5 days... that's the worst part i think is the waiting to hear from him... anyways jaden and i are just trying to keep our self's busy so here's what we have been up to!

well this has been my obsession this past week ha ha i have a stupid head cold that is ALL in my nose luckily i have no sore throat i just cant breath well, my nose is ether runny or completely stuffy, thanks to Valerie for running to the store for me i think the medicine is somewhat helping!

Jaden absolutely LOVES sponge bob! when ever we go to my parents house that's the first thing he asks to do is watch it on TV! we were in walmart the other day and jaden spotted this balloon from across the store!! so we went a head and got it since he did so great shopping with me!

Potty Training has been going fantastic he loves the toilet! its now been a week and he poops in the toilet 100% of the time, we only have maybe one peeing accident a day and that's usually when his mind is to focused on doing something that he doesn't run to the toilet fast enough! he loves wearing his undies and his pull-ups are buzz & woody so he is in heaven with them as well ha ha!

his latest and greatest things are counting his stacking bath cups and counting his Dino's or just stacking things up and knocking them over with the Dino's he is a funny kid!

our wonderful Christmas tree! its crooked because of me i think i broke a little piece on the bottom but oh well ha my dad says it gives it character ! jaden is pretty exited about the gifts we have the ones from my parents under there all ready, my ward is also doing the 12 days of Christmas and we are one of the family's they are doing it has turned out to be so much fun! jaden loves to hear some one knock at the door he comes yelling and running to me and then has to get the gift him self!! some we have opened and some we have just put under the tree for fun!

i love it when jaden sit's like this! when he watches a movie and is just in his t-shirt and undies he will pull his shirt over his legs and think its the coolest thing in the world! kinda funny cause i used to do that all the time when i was younger but we would try to walk at the same time! i'm sure that will come when he gets older!

he LOVES playing "star fall" on the computer all by him self! he is becoming quite the independent boy! also bossy but hey he is two!
he loves to skype with dad! he thinks its a game and plays peek-boo, does monkey faces, dances, all sorts of funny things to see if chase will copy!
he likes to read his books, i love when he is quiet and i go to find him and he is sitting in his room reading to him self, or turns on his radio and is dancing! hes certainly a little character and we love him!
As for me things are going good i am now about 23 weeks along and I'm not "showing" too much! all my "morning sickness" is gone! still trying to decide on a name! and just trying to get over this head cold! i really hope it is gone by Christmas i don't think we can stand being trapped up in the house to much longer!! we have been finding all sorts of things to do from playing with playdoe to making paper bag puppets or just building with blocks! well thats all for now i'll keep you updated with chase and our findings!


Janet said...

I am so impressed at how brave you are. You look like you are really holding it together with your husband gone and a baby on the way and toilet training a 2 year old and your mom out of town. What a woman!

Ken and Em Sim Family said...

Jaden is so lucky to have you for a mom! I didn't know you were having a girl. Wahoo!