Sunday, February 6, 2011

pictures from our florida trip!!

Well my pictures got fliped so you will see them from our destination in Florida to our start on the road sorry!

Pensicola Beach!! a GEORGOUSE place!!

LOVED being on the beach! the sand was SO soft and we found a lot of cool sea shells! the water was beautifull and i was in the best company!!

our view driving out to Fort Pickens! this was a really cool place we were able to tour the whole fort!

the little shop, chase trying on a hat there!

The view from our room balcony!

the pools were cool there was even a pool for kids jaden would have loved it if we would have brought him! thank you HOPE again for watching him!!

entering florida!

We stopped in Alabama and toured the USSA battle ship it was a cool experience, there was so much to tour we didn't get to all of it! there was also a sub and airplanes to tour as well!

Starting on our drive from Mississippi to Florida! we had such a blast! im so glad i was able to go out there and have a little vacation with my hubby for a few days!!

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