Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Powell !!

My blog is being stupid so if the words don't match up with the pictures sorry!

This is Valeries face on the ride home! she did this while we passed cars! one guy saw her and took off his glasses for a double take haha he wasn't sure what was going on!

Jaden giving daddy a back massage!

Jaden and mommy listening to music!

Oh sweet little kids giving kisses!

Jaden bathing in the sink!

Chase diving off the top of the house boat!

Fun Surfing!

Jaden and Chase watching me surf

Chase surfing

Boat ride chase and his little man!

Family boat ride!

me trying to shoot a dead carp.... i nicked it......

georgouse picture!!!

Jaden watching tv!

WE had some crazy storms while we were there especially on the way back to the slip. we weren't sure we would make it!

Sicky dad... he had a fever of 102 ended up going to the clinic and found out he had broncides... (not sure on the spelling) so they gave him some meds and he was feeling better the next day so he could enjoy some of his trip!

Workin in the kitchen

Chase and I oh so cute!

Jadens favorite thing to do on the house boat jump off the top of the stairs !

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