Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chase's Farewell Party!

Chases party was great! THANK YOU ALL who came and supported him! i'm sad we didn't get nearly enuff pictures! and didn't get pictures of every one! He was Surprised and so Greatfull!!!!
A HUGE thank you to my MOM for all her cooking in the kitchen all the food turned out vantastic!!! and we had more than enuff! thanks to Janet for the root beer! you are a very busy and wonderful woman!! thanks to every one that brought food! THank you Hope for taking some pictures!! Thank you Wade!!! for taking Chase out fishing all morning so i could set things up with out him knowing what was going on! he was getting suspisiouse when i was helping mom all day friday!
He had a blast fishing and didn't want to leave it was the best day of fishing they had ever had! he new we were having lunch up at mom and dads because wades family was up (the excuse i gave him) so he told wade "We will just tell them we got a flat tire" good thing wade knew what was going on and didn't let that happen! haha!

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