Sunday, August 29, 2010

Jaden is now 2 !!!

Wow! where has the time gone??????? it seems like only last fall i had him but its been a whole two years! our little man is growing up SO fast and is SO big!! we took him to the doc's on friday he is now 27 lbs and 35 in tall! he really likes going to the doctors office when its time to walk back to the room he will run back, take off his shoes stand on the scale to be weighed, sits down on a chair while the doc checks him out, he loves getting his ears checked and his belly listened to, hates his mouth checked, and laughs when his tummy and knees get pushed on! he is starting to say a lot of words but doesn't always use them to ask for things. he is starting to get quite the attitude and doesn't like sharing lately... hopefully we can change that!

Wednesday was his birthday he woke up and wanted a bowl of cereol wich is fine! then he saw lots of balloons in the living room and was SO exited! then came his gifts he got a little play-doe work shop that he LOVES he is really good not to throw it or eat it! he also got a ball popping toy the twinnies have one and when ever we go to their house its the only toy he wants so why not get one for your birthday?

Later that evening we had a little party with cousins and friends his age! Thank you MOM and DAD for letting us have it in your back yard! its the best play place for little ones! he got lots of COOL gifts! Thank you every one for your gifts he LOVES them ALL!!!!!

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Ashlee said...

So funny how kids are all so different. And they grow all to fast. Crosky weights 25lbs and is 31" tall and is not yet 1.