Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jaden & Braylee

Jaden keeping him self intertained at times when im busy with Braylee!
he loves to pull his shirt over his legs!
sitting in boxes
and pulling faces in the mirror!

Some fun little random pics of Braylee

this sad little photo is her first hurt eye!! jaden had got upset that i was feeding her while i was trying to help him put on his shoe so he chucked his shoe at us and hit her right in the eye! that was a quick time out for that little boy and her little screams scared him so bad he sat there and cryed and then came and gave her loves!

these next two photos are adoriable haha i was getting ready in the bathroom and look down to her smiling in her sleep so i grab my camera and catch the last little bit of her smile then....

she opens her eyes sees the camera and this is what i get!!

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