Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Anivursury!!!

WOW! it has allready been 4 years of marriage! i know its not 10 or 40 yet but my how time has flown! today im kindof at a loss for words my heart is so full of love, and missing my hubby!

Chase is one of the strongest men i know he has so much love for his family and friends he is allways there ready to help when ever anyone needs anything. He is my shoulder to cry on, the strength that gets me out of sad, mad or stupid days! he is my best friend and the one i turn to first with anything thats on my mind! i love that he is a problem solver allthough at times i might just want to rant he helps me see clear and look for the possitive in things! i am so amazed every day at his strength, his willingness to serve this country, his possitive attitude, his ability to set people straight when needed! and to sit back and watch as well. He is an amazing father and his kids apsolutly adore him! when i think back on my dating years and wondoring who i would marry he fits everything i ever wished for! Its so amazing to beable to feel so much joy and love towards some one!
Our 4 years of marriage and 5 years together has been full of adventure! threw happy and sad times and time apart we now have two beautifull children and life couldn't get much better! well minus the deployment...... it will be amazing as soon as he comes home and we can all wrap our arms around him!!!


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Anonymous said...

Dear Holly-
you need a spelling lesson :) but we still love you!