Thursday, June 24, 2010


Jaden and I love to be silly! the kitchen is our dance floor! this is our new thing- we turn on some upbeat music and tie towels around our shoulders and run around the house! jaden holds his arms straight up in the air like he is superman as he runs which is funny because he has never seen a movie with super man in it! it could resemble Buzz Light year though! oh i just love his smile! i say cheese and he smiles!

Chase and Jaden! he loves to climb all over chase and use him as a way to get higher! Must be an intense game they are playing on the i phone! jaden LOVES to play games on it!

We went on a little 3 day trip with my in laws! Thank you Roger & Marti we had a blast!! this was in Vegas at the MGM a trainer getting all his hair product licked off!

Tuacahn Amphitheatre! we saw CATS and TARZAN (which i LOVED)!! it was a really fun and new experience!

Marti, Roger, Shaunie, Chase and I. Thank you so much Hope for keeping our little boy for three days! he loves playing with you and Aly!!! More adventures coming in July!!


Thayne and Krystal Family said...

How very cute! I love your idea of tying a towel around your shoulders and running around! You're such a creative mom :)

Jake and Hope Kendall said...

I never knew you played superman with him! lol! You are such an awesome mommy! And your little boy absolutely adores you!