Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there!! my mom is my hero and one of my favorite people! she is always there when i need her, she loves her children and grandchildren!, and some how she always knows when you need something! she is a lovely wonderful woman, she has put up with so much from me growing up (haha) i love that she always has a listening ear when ever i need to chat!! Your the BEST MOM we LOVE you!!!!!

I LOVE that mothers day is for me as well!!! i am so Blessed and Proud to be the mom of such a special, FuLl of Energy, loving little boy! yesterday i was doing some breakfast dishes and jaden wanted to eat some yogurt so i put some in a bowl and let him eat it by him self he is really good with using a spoon or a fork! well he was really quiet and that usually means he is doing something he shouldn't so i turned around and this is what i found!!!!

haha! we love him so much what a little cutie!!

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