Friday, October 8, 2010

Just some things i have been working on!

Well i have had a little crafty itch this past week so this is what i have been working on!
These head bands i made for my friend Kiley she just had a cute little bundle of joy!!!!

These pumpkins i LOVE they were SO easy to make! 2 rolls of toilet paper for the small pumpkins, a roll of Paper towels for the large, peaces of fabric, a few sticks and ribbon for the bows!

this took FOR EVER and made me very frustrated! as soon as i hung it up two pieces of candy fell off.......... grr

This i LOVE! there is a great little shop in Providence where you can go buy all sorts of ceramics, paint them, have them fired and such! i have bought a few things through the years but this one reminded me of when i was growing up. my mom had one with a light in the middle and over the years it broke, it was one of my favorite Halloween decorations so i was lucky to find it at this little shop and bought one for me and my mom! I'm done with one i just have to take it back and have it fired i will post the end result!!


Ken and Em Sim Family said...

Nice work Holly! That wreath is super cute - but I'd just want to eat it :)

Thayne and Krystal Family said...

I love the Halloween decorations, Holly! They're super cute and easy to make!!! I'm considering making the wreath and toilet paper pumpkins :)

Kim White said...

Super cute holly! I love crafts!