Monday, July 12, 2010

MoRe PiCtUrEs FrOm OuR tRiP!!

Kings Dominion! this is a new ride it goes 350 feet straight up and straight down! chase went on it twice and almost blacked out each time! i think it goes around 90 miles per hour?
Chase, Cole & Aubry nope i didn't ride that one!! I'm a wimp!

the volcano!

i forgot what this one is called but the boys convinced me to ride it at the end! i was shaking so bad when i got off haha!! i thought my skin might rip off my face when we were falling! not to sure if i would do it a gain if i do I'll probably keep my eyes open!

at the water park! jaden wearing Mommy's glasses!!

Swimming in Tamera's back yard!

ha i can't ever get these two to look at the camera at the same time!!

Chaz and Jaden watching the sprinkler water the plants!!

after the beach we all went out to eat! fun little pic of the boys!

Jaden playing in the sand! what a cute little boy!!

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