Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Valerie helped jaden by gathering some eggs for him! she was super exited as you can tell!
We spent easter up at my parents house and had the egg hunt in the shop since the weather decided to be cold this year! this is what Jaden ended up doing the entier time we were there!

He found 2 eggs to put in his basket then back he went to the slide!!

Little Alexis is SO cute! when we started she got a basket and went around by her self! when we caught up with her she already had her basket full!!!

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Trae and Lis said...

hey holly- i got your message about going to see the baby farm animals tomorrow but then my phone died...for good. my little sister wanted to take her nieces and nephews tomorrow so i might go with her but if you get this before you go tomorrow will you text trae's phone 208-670-4267 so i have your number just in case i dont go with my sister.thanks. i'll have trae's phone all day tomorrow. if i dont talk to you by then have fun!