Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pictures coming!

a little update on whats happening in our life's! 2 weekends ago Jaden and i hopped in the car with my mom and went down to Paragoonah and Saint George for my cousin Marks wedding! it was a great little vacation fun to go see that side of the family! all though the weather was not warm at all! Jaden did REALLY good in the car rides! and had a blast playing with new people!
Last week was Spring break for Chase! he had a good time hanging out with his friend and brother over the weekend! now he is back in school and stayin busy!

We are SO exited for spring! I'm ready to make some more Strawberry Jam we are almost out so its good timing! also very exited to plant a garden! i have been in a bow making mood! i made a few for Alyssa and just keep making them! I'm thinking of selling them but not sure yet.

Jaden is getting so BIG! he is not a baby anymore! we changed his bed to a toddler bed last week and he has done really well! sleeps through the night (has only got up once) he is also ready for summer! every day it is warm we have gone out and he throughs a fit when its time to come in. there is more but jaden is quite mad i am spending time to update this and not playing with him plus its nap time!!

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