Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Little Up Date!

Sorry all i haven't updated in quite a while and now my computer is being stupid so i can't upload any pictures! i will take my camera up to dads some time and add pictures!
The past month has been pretty busy for us. Chase had 3 weeks of guard! so Jaden and I kept busy with the Simmons Reunion he loved swimming with Hope in the pools! then the Robinson reunion! Loved the Dance party, games and just hanging out with the family! then Lake Powell Jaden LOVED the jet ski's, steering the boat and swimming! he loved playing with Isaac they get a long really well and Rollie kept him laughing with his funny faces and noises! then we had about a week to rest at home and hang out with chase then it was off to the Warner reunion! in flaming George! it was allot of fun! it stormed on us more than half the time but jaden loved hanging out with his G&G Warner, boating, watching the fire and playing! Chase had a BLAST with is cousins... Tube Wars, Games, walks, and sitting around chatting! then we came home and he started up with work again and now he is back in school!!
Jaden turned 1 yesterday! we spent the day playing, waggon rides (he got from G&G Warner) and just having fun! we had a little Grandparent and Jadens little friends party last week it turned out great but Jaden was a little onry the whole time! so after wearing the cake he went to bed and took a good 2 hour nap!! Well that's all for now I'll up date more later!


Dave and Amy said...

AAcck!! It flew right by and I totally didn't realize what day it was!! Happy Birthday Buddy! We need to get us a birthday calendar on our wall.

Kiley and Steve Mathis said...

uh um, who needs to update their blog now?! :) I need to see more cute pictures of baby Jaden!!