Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of JuLy!!!!

Friday night we went to the fireworks! we sat out side of the stadium and Jaden LOVED them!!! every time they would stop for a min. Jaden would start clapping! then Saturday we went to the car show and the cruise-in. Jaden loved all the cars revving their engines! the video is of jadens new language and if you watch his eyes i think its hilarious how he gets focused on something else!


Kiley and Steve Mathis said...

Ah his language is so cute and made me giggle!

Dave and Amy said...

How long did it take you to get out of the fireworks? Alex & I got out of our last store right at 10:00 so we drove up that way and parked to watch them from the car. Took us 40 minutes to get to Main Street again. Kaity is sitting here on my lap now saying "biggy-boo" and waving her arms around. Then laughing.

Thayne and Krystal Family said...

I love it! He concentrates so hard as he talks! It's adorable! Holly, he's almost 1! Oh my gosh!