Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just a little update of this last month!

Starting May 29th I drove Chase down to Draper where he had two weeks of Sargent training. Then Jaden and I drove to Mountain Green and stayed at Paul & Beverly Warners (Jadens great grandparents) for the weekend. Chad, Chases older brother got married on the 30th in the Ogden Temple it was Beautiful!! we had a great time hanging out with the family!! Then Jaden and i came home and spent 2 weeks with out Chase... it sucked! so we went to parks, went on walks, hung out at my parents house, and Hopes&Jakes house, & cleaned closets. June 12th i dropped Jaden off at Hope&Jakes house to spend the night (he did really good! he loves his aunt and uncle!) then i went down to see Chases graduation and he got a pass to leave base and hang out with me from 5-11pm we went out to dinner at the Myan (awesome!) then went to a movie at the I-Max (the biggest screen i have ever seen in a movie theater) Chase had to go back and sleep the night then leave at 6am.... they should have just let them off the night before!
When we picked Jaden up he was SO happy to see his daddy!! he didn't want me to hold him at all :( and since then they have been the best little buddies Jaden crys if chase leaves or walks into another room.
A little up date on Jaden:
-He is REALLY fast at his "army crawling" he will crawl about four scoots, stop, get up on all fours, rock for a long time, move a little bit then start scooting again!
-He likes to crawl over my back and legs!
-He flys around in his walker! loves to run into our ankles and run over our toes!
-He loves the out doors! will actually start crying when he has to come back in!
-His favorite book right now is The Three Little Kittens for some reason he will sit in my lap and let me read it over and over, he wont sit that long with any other book!
-He is full of crazy sounds!
-Loves to copy people (back and forth)
-Loves to shake his head no and when he does it with Chase he sticks his tongue out!
-Loves his juice in a sippy cup!
-Loves other babies he likes to hold their hands!
-Loves bath time and pool time he splashes like a crazy little man!
-FOODS he loves: Romin noodles ( he loves to slurp them between his lips into his mouth!) bread, grapes, watermelon, apples, gram crackers, animal crackers, rice, apple sauce, mash potatoes and more i would list them all but he is getting a little impatient with me! I will post some pictures soon!!

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