Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Quick Little Up Date!

Jaden is learning so fast! he now cruises around the house in his walker, rolls every where instead of crawling! he is sitting up really well only falls over every once in a while. he is learning to roll a ball back and forth to me, he has amazing hand eye cordination! he has his bottom two teath and the top two are thinking about coming through! today it was so warm we went to first dam and feed the ducks, then out to hyrum dam for a picnic, played ball, and skipped rocks!
Our latest addition to the family is a new truck, wich is so much better than our 2 door car that i had to crawl in and out of the back seat with Jaden! Chase is busy with finals coming up! and i'm just hangin out with jaden at home! we got the house all clean and sparkly and now we are working on CRAWLING hopfully it will happen some time soon!!

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Chelsea said...

Sounds like he is just as busy as ever! You so have such a cute little family! Thanks for the updates!